Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The AGA Ranges website ( places cookies, which are small data files, on your computer or handheld device. This is a standard practice for all websites which enables website owners to improve visitor experience by offering tailored products, services and messages. Cookies are essential for helping us deliver a high quality website and online browsing experience for our customers.


By using and browsing the AGA Ranges website, you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. If you do not consent, you must disable cookies or refrain from using the site. To disable cookies, see below.


Information collected

Some cookies collect information on how website visitors browse sites using the same computer or device. This includes information about pages viewed, products viewed and the customer journey around a website. We do not however, use cookies to collect or record information on users' name, address or other contact details.


Two types of cookies are used on this website:


  • Session Cookies. These are temporary cookies, which only exist in the period you access the website (or more strictly, until you close the browser after accessing the website). Session cookies help our website remember what you chose on the previous page, therefore avoiding having to re-enter information. On our website, these cookies do not contain personal information, and cannot be used to identify you.

  • Persistent Cookies. These are cookies, which remain on your device after you have visited our website. These cookies help us identify you as a unique visitor (by storing a randomly generated number).
    The length of time a cookie will remain on your device will depend on the type of cookie. On our website, these cookies do not contain personal information, and cannot be used to identify you.


What if I remove cookies?

If you disable cookies it will limit our ability to customize our site for you, deliver a better online experience and improve the features of our site. Some or all features will not be functional and the site will not appear in your browser as it was intended to be viewed. Some cookies save us from having to check the compatibility of your system with our site every time you visit, making the site faster and easier for you to use.


How do I disable cookies?

If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies. How to do this will depend on the browser you use and we provide further detail below on how to disable cookies for the most popular browsers:-


For Microsoft Internet Explorer:


  1. Choose the menu "tools" then "Internet Options"
  2. Click on the "privacy" tab
  3. Select the setting the appropriate setting


For Mozilla firefox:


  1. Choose the menu "tools" then "Options"
  2. Click on the icon "privacy"
  3. Find the menu "cookie" and select the relevant options


For Opera 6.0 and further:


  1. Choose the menu Files"> "Preferences"
  2. Privacy


For Safari


  1. Choose the general settings "> "Preferences"
  2. Privacy


The following table lists the cookies use on our website:



Our policies and procedures are under continual review. We may, from time to time, update our cookies policy. Any such changes will be posted on this page.