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Color can be used to energize a space, or relax an entire atmosphere. It can express our personalities, and assist is setting the perfect mood for the art of creativity in the foods we prepare. Color can remind us of places we've been, feelings we've shared, and moments captured forever in our memories. 


AGA has always believed color to be a key ingredient in the decades-long success of our Classic Cast Iron ranges. These colors were instrumental in creating AGA's iconic status within the European home. The time has finally come to expand that belief to our family of Elise & Mercury products as well.


AGA has added two new bold hues to its existing Classic Color Collection, as well as unveiling the new Soho Colour & Design Series, consisting of a stainless steel fascia and eight expressive shades inspired by the vibrant London arts district in which the collection takes its name. 


The full palette of sixteen color options represent a wide and exciting spectrum of design expression accompaniment, from modern contemporary to British traditional. Stunning reds, deep and expressive blues, classic racing greens, soft and comforting grays and creams... these colors give homeowners and designers alike a full range of tones never before available within these families of AGA ranges. 


The new Soho Colour & Design Series is as varied as the inhabitants, entertainments and architecture of the District itself. Whether inspired by a bright doorway hidden in Ferrier's Passage, sparkling autumn foliage hanging high above Kingly Square, a freshly painted Carnaby Street storefront, or the bustle and energy that is Cambridge Circus, the Soho Series perfectly emulates the mood & scene of these London streets.


We invite you to express yourself. Blanket your range in a shade befitting of your unique personality. We invite you to Colour Your AGA.

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Ranges manufactured using colours from the Soho Series are only available with a stainless steel fascia.