AGA Green





Elevating Sustainability to the Top of Our Agenda

The AGA is unlike any other household appliance towards the environment. Because of its renowned longevity you will never see an AGA taking up space in a landfill as each model is recyclable. AGA cast iron ranges are passed down from generation to generation often providing more than 50 years of sterling service.


Fuel Choice

Fuel choice and consumption are becoming increasingly important in today’s time. We craft our of cast iron AGA ranges with this in mind, making available several fuel options and sizes providing cleaner, lower-cost energy sources resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. These energy-efficient solutions also mean ease of installation and lower maintenance costs.


Recycling by Design

Unlike other ranges on the market, every AGA is almost completely recyclable. Since the very first model that was made over 90 years ago, A large proportion of each cast iron AGA has been made from recycled material. Recycled iron products have been melted down to create the world’s most famous cast iron range. As far as green credentials go – AGA is impressive!