Roasted Ratatouille

A great way to make the most of a glut of sweet vegetables such as red onions, aubergine, baby courgettes and orange peppers. The addition of fresh tomatoes and marjoram really lifts this dish and the colours look wonderful on the plate. Cook until tender and serve with crusty bread or a side of fluffy couscous.


3 Small red onions, each cut into 6 wedges 

1 Aubergine, cut into chunks 

200g baby courgettes, halved lengthways 

2 garlic cloves, sliced 

150g sweet baby orange peppers, deseeded and cut into chunky slices 

4 tomatoes 

16 cherry tomatoes on the vine (cut vine into 4 bunches) 

4 tbsp olive oil 

1 bunch of fresh marjoram


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200⁰c/400⁰f/gas mark 6
  2. Take a large ovenproof dish and add the onions, aubergines, courgettes, garlic and peppers, then drizzle with olive oil
  3. Cook for 20 minutes then turn all vegetables over, add the tomatoes and sprinkle over most of the marjoram leaves
  4. Cook for another 25 minutes until the vegetables are tender
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