Raspberry Champagne Jellies with Mint Cream

A light refreshing dessert.


6 large sprigs of fresh mint 

75ml of water 

75g caster sugar 

75ml of champagne 

Juice of 1 lemon 

1 x 10g pack of gelatine 

1 pot of cream (2 dsp per serving)

Serves 4


  1. Put four mint sprigs, water and one tablespoon of the sugar into a saucepan
  2. Bring slowly to a simmer and leave to infuse and cool for 30 minutes, then remove the mint (this is your mint syrup)
  3. Meanwhile, put the remaining sugar in another pan with the champagne and simmer for two minutes. Then add the lemon juice
  4. Dissolve the gelatine according to the instructions on the pack, then add the champagne mixture
  5. Line four individual jelly moulds with cling film
  6. Tip in the raspberries and pour in the gelatine and champagne syrup Leave in the fridge to set for four hours
  7. To serve, stir the mint syrup into the cream, pour around the sides of the jellies and decorate each with a sprig of fresh mint
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