Mulled White Wine

We’ve all had the traditional red wine version at Christmas but this mulled wine recipe uses white wine, a fresh orange, sugar or honey, cinnamon and cloves. For a child-friendly version, replace the wine with a carton of white grape juice and add a teaspoon of sugar to each mug. Serve with mince pies and plenty of festive cheer.


½ orange, sliced 

750ml/25fl oz white wine (not dry) 

4 tbp of unrefined sugar (or honey) 

1 stick of cinnamon 

6 cloves

Serves 4


  1. Slice the orange and put all the ingredients in a pan
  2. When the wine begins to simmer and is steaming, take the pan off the heat and remove the spices
  3. Pour the wine into four mugs and serve steaming hot
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