Fast AGA Food Fixes in a Pinch
Leah Kalemba
July 01, 2019


In our family, we try to limit fast food, unless it’s the kind that whips up quick on the AGA. And if I don’t dirty a pan in the process—even better.

This comes in handy on those hectic days when the hunger sneaks up on me, and my stomach wails like Chewbacca for something tasty, stat.  That's when I turn to these seven speedy options to cook right on the AGA simmering plate, sure to satisfy any beastly appetite in a matter of minutes.

1. Griddle-Style Pancakes

Just whisk up a batch, oil the simmering plate and drop batter by the spoonful directly on the plate!  (This classic AGA trick will usually blow my guests' minds: "Wait--what are you doing? Whoa, you can do that?!")   

We also soften butter and warm a bottle of syrup on the back of the cooktop while the batter bubbles and cooks. Five minutes later, we’re cleaving our forks through hot-off-the-griddle pancakes as butter slides across the steaming surface and warm maple syrup rolls off the stack.   

Extra Tip: Get my family’s go-to homemade pancake recipe here.

Breakfast on the AGA


2. Toast

This one is probably the easiest. Place the bread on the simmering plate, close the hob, wait a few minutes, flip, and then toast the other side.  Spread with butter, jam, Nutella or peanut butter and sliced bananas for a hearty and filling snack.  

Extra Tip: Try this with cinnamon bread in the morning, and you’ll be sure to stir anyone from their slumber. I love when the children follow their noses from bed, shuffling out with sleepy eyes, wild bedheads and sudden hunger.

Toast on the AGA


3. Eggs

Simply lay a sheet of Bake-O-Glide atop the simmering plate, crack an egg and close the hob for oil-free eggs just the way you like it.

Extra Tip: If you like your eggs scrambled, oil the plate, pour a small batch of beaten eggs on its hot surface, and fluff up with a spatula.

AGA Eggs


4. Classic Grilled Cheese or Gourmet Sammies

Butter sliced bread and place on the simmering plate with whatever you’re in the mood for…like tomatoes, avocado, cooked bacon, spinach, leftover turkey or chicken, or simply cheese. We mix it up depending on what we need to use up in the refrigerator. Toast, flip, toast—and before you even have time to think about how hungry you are, there’s a savory toasted sandwich with your name on it.

Extra Tip: Boost the flavor by using an herb butter spread.

AGA Grilled Cheese


5. Popcorn

When we’re jonesin’ for a salty snack, we simply drop popcorn kernels on the simmering plate, close the hob and wait for the pop-pop-pop to slow. Once we open the hob, we’ve got fluffy puffs ready to nibble on. The kids love this trick.

Extra Tip: Sprinkle a little nutritional yeast flakes on your adds a subtle nutty flavor and extra B vitamins.

AGA Popcorn


6. Quesadillas

Lay a tortilla on the simmering plate, spread on your favorite ingredients, place another tortilla on top, and close the hob. Give it a few minutes to toast, then flip, and toast the other side. Just cut and serve. BOOM. Done.

Extra Tip: Use Bake-O-Glide on the surface to make clean-up even easier.

AGA Quesadillas


7. Parm Crisps

I learned this trick from an AGA pro. When I’m craving a cheesy, crunchy bite, I just sprinkle shredded Parmesan cheese onto the hotplate, wait until it crisps up and then pop it in my mouth.

Extra Tip: Use Bake-O-Glide if you want to cook with no fat or oil.

AGA Parmesan Crisps


In the midst of dance practices, slumber parties and a world where we want everything fast, Jules the AGA continues to prove herself as my trusty cooking companion.

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