Beginner's Guide to AGA Cast Iron Cooking
Leah Kalemba
June 14, 2019

Traditional AGA cast iron cooking rule #1

To take full advantage of radiant heat, use the top hotplates for starting foods and then transfer to the waiting oven to finish cooking with the best method to retain food's flavor profile. Use the Roasting Oven for frying, grilling and sautéing.

For energy conservation and safety

Remember to keep the hotplate lids down when not cooking.

Close Hotplate Lids

Timing meals in chorus

AGA owners love the West Bend Triple Timer which will help track time for all three AGA ovens. Since food cooking in the ovens doesn’t omit any smell inside the house, a timer can be your best friend and prevent foods from being forgotten. Also, consider keeping a stash of bright post-it notes in the kitchen and placing them on the oven door as a reminder of the food in the oven.

For the fastest cooking time

Cookware with a thick, flat bottom works best as it ensures complete contact with the hotplates. Cookware with flat lids and recessed handles also allows you to stack pots in the oven, helping you get the most of your oven space. 

AGA Cookware

When removing food from the ovens

Be sure to open the door all the way or use a set of mitts that go up to the elbow. The cooker is so well insulated that it doesn’t lose heat with the door open and the longer mitts will keep you from inadvertently touching the hot insides or the doors of the ovens. Careful, hot! Be cautious when handling pot handles and lids as they will be hot when they come out of the oven. Always use a pan handle cover or a pot holder. And since we often put plates and serving dishes in the cooker to keep them warm before serving, be sure to warn children and guests.

Simmering oven tip

Make sure not to completely cover the entire bottom of the simmering oven with your pans or sheets, but rather place them on the lower runner. This tip only applies to this oven.

Quick and easy coffee

Find a new home for your coffee maker and purchase a French press. Simply bring water to boil on the Boiling Plate, pour it over your coarsely ground coffee and steep for a minute or two before pressing down to brew. Voila, a great cup of cof­fee! Keep your freshly brewed coffee warm by placing it on the Warming Tray or in between the hotplates.

Toast three ways

If you prefer your toast soft on the inside, try toasting it directly on the Simmering Plate. For toast that is dry all the way through, preheat your toaster on the Boiling Plate. Insert your bread into the toaster and return to the Boiling Plate, turning over once. Toast can also be done in the roasting oven on a baking tray – and you won’t even need to turn it over!

AGA Toast

Loosen jar lids

Place jars lid-down on the Simmering Plate for 30 seconds, cover with a cloth and unscrew. 

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