Behind-the-Scenes with Drew Scott of Property Brothers
Leah Kalemba
February 26, 2018


Drew Scott of HGTV’s Property Brothers is a man of many pursuits...entrepreneur, musician, home improvement guru, entertainer, and most recently, a semi-finalist on Dancing with the Stars. But one pursuit matters most: his fiancée Linda Phan, a creative force who complements him match for match in drive.

The ambitious couple decided to tackle their biggest project yet: creating a home together on the newest season of Property Brothers At Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. Enlisting the help of fellow Property Brother Jonathan Scott, the challenge was on to complete a massive renovation of their Los Angeles home in time to host their wedding rehearsal dinner.

With their moxie for multitasking and love for feel-good food, Drew and Linda sought out a range that can both command attention and keep up with them in the kitchen: the AGA Mercury, a dynamic multi-oven dual fuel range in a gorgeous matte black finish.

We caught up with Drew Scott to talk about the personal side of his latest project.

Drew Scott and Linda

Looking back at your experience building and renovating homes, what must-have qualities did you want in your new kitchen?

Every room needs at least one feature and when you’re looking at a kitchen most people consider the best feature your appliances. I always love the idea of an open flow from your living space into the kitchen but you need something to draw the eye. In my house I have a stunning matte black 48” dual fuel range with a matching vent hood that contrasts the white walls beautifully.

How do you and Linda spend your time in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of our home. Pretty well every week we are entertaining family and friends. Linda loves to bake and I may have some skill with the grill.

Linda in kitchen


How does that compare to how you grew up?

Growing up things were very similar. Our mom loved getting us hands on in the kitchen and my dad was always the barbecue master!

How would you describe your cooking style?

The #1 ingredient in our kitchen is love! Everything tastes better if our cooking is done with love. I will admit that I tend to follow recipes a little closer than Linda. She likes to experiment and that’s probably why her dishes taste SO GOOD!

Drew Scott and Linda

Why did you choose the AGA Mercury range over other luxury or pro-style ranges?

The aesthetic appeal of the AGA Mercury range blended perfectly with our kitchen design. The matte black finished ties in beautifully with our black-framed windows and has the ideal contrast with the white walls.

What role did the appliances play in the overall kitchen design?

Actually, the appliances were the center point of our kitchen design. Linda and I had two requirements: A minimum 48” cooking surface and a full size, side-by-side fridge/freezer. The rest was history.

That was generous of you to build a guest home for Jonathan! How is his kitchen different than yours?

Guest suite kitchens can be tough because typically it’s a tight space. However just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look stylish and have great function. We decided to go bold with the color and chose a dark hunter green for the lower cabinets. Jonathan’s home away from home may not have the island I have in the main kitchen however it does have all full size appliances (including a dishwasher) and even some custom details like floating shelves for added style.

What’s your favorite food tradition?

At Christmas our whole family always gets together. We spend almost a week together including family dinners every evening. AND best of all my mom always baked me my very own pumpkin pie to savor!

What your go-to meal in a hurry?

Protein smoothie (Jonathan thinks they’re disgusting.)

Favorite comfort food?


Indulgent treat?

Yorkshire pudding...look it up! (laughs)


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