Why Smaller Ovens Are Actually Better
Leah Kalemba
June 13, 2017


The latest wave of kitchen appliances disproves the old aphorism that bigger is better. New multi-oven designs from AGA demonstrate that smaller ovens provide far bigger benefits in terms of energy efficiency, cooking versatility and performance than traditional single oven designs.

Consumers often look for the biggest oven they can buy, assuming it equates to better cooking performance. When really, all that capacity is completely unnecessary for the typical family meal, and it’s limiting when you want to cook more than one dish at the same time.

More ovens, less wasteful energy use

The most efficient way to cook, multi-oven ranges maximize the kitchen footprint by splitting the cooking cavity into separate ovens, each with its own temperature control. This offers versatility to cook items large or small using only the ovens required, which conserves energy compared to heating one large cavity every time. It’s this resourceful design that earned AGA multi-oven ranges a European efficiency rating of A or higher.

AGA Multi-Oven

Multi-oven multi-tasking

People who entertain frequently will find multi-oven designs offer the most cooking versatility in a kitchen range. Rather than juggling cook times and temperatures for a Thanksgiving dinner, a full meal can be prepared simultaneously.

The swiss army knife of cooking appliances, AGA multi-oven ranges are designed to be a major workhorse in the kitchen. Three separate ovens provide European convection, 7-mode multifunction cooking and dual-element broiling. And, our ovens are capable of fitting a 25-lb turkey.

AGA Mercury Full Ovens


Simultaneous cooking with no flavor transfer

Roasting a chicken and baking a cake at the same time can prove to be a challenge with single oven designs. Not only is there only one temperature setting, but sputtering sauces or drippings can mix between dishes and affect taste. And, the convection heat of most single oven ranges carries food moisture throughout the oven cavity. That means the flavor and smells of items can intermix when cooking more than one dish in the oven, particularly with absorbent foods. With separate ovens, there’s no concern of transferring smells or flavors.

AGA Baking Oven Sweet and Savory


“Typically weekday dinners are prepared on the stovetop since oven cooking may not accommodate lifestyle or time available for cooking the family meal,” explains Chef Kurt von Kahle. “A smaller oven heats up quickly to assist with both, the side dishes and provide speed in preparing the 30 minute meal. The versatility of the cooking functions in smaller ovens can work well for family dinner plans and expand menu options.”

Fortunately, buyers looking to expand their cooking capabilities at home have a wide selection of options to choose from on the multi-oven platform. Appliance manufacturers like AGA offer 36″ and 48″ induction and dual fuel multi-oven ranges with assorted design options, including retro, ultra-contemporary, French chic and professional-style.

With more education, consumers will soon discover that multi-oven ranges can do more for them than the average single oven range, and the tide will change.


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