Cast Iron Use & Care Tips
Leah Kalemba
July 05, 2016


Just like any true cast iron skillet or Dutch oven, your cast iron AGA needs a little love to keep its surfaces in peak condition. We prepared use and care guide to simplify the process and help you maintain your AGA.

Cast Iron Use & Care Tips

  • Remove any excess food, or carbon ash on the hotplates with your wire brush then lightly coat the cast iron with coconut or grapeseed oil. For higher heat areas of your AGA, do not use any other oil than grapeseed oil, as it has one of the lowest smoke points and a heat index of 485°F.
  • Leave ovens on for an hour after cooking to help “dry” the ovens of food moisture. Or turn off ovens until fully cooled and wipe down any excess moisture with a dry cloth.
  • Check the doors for any signs of steam and wipe away any moisture.
  • In areas where rust may begin to appear, simply scrub away with the wire brush included with your AGA, then apply a protective coat of coconut or grapeseed oil.


Note: The reason the traditional cooker didn’t show as much rust as the new generation is because the traditional AGA cookers were on all the time.  Over time, any excess moisture would dry or evaporate, preventing the cast iron from staying in contact with moisture for any long period of time.  The new generation, although much better suited for today’s consumer, will require the removal of excessive moisture after turning off or you may choose to leave their AGA on for longer, extended periods of time.

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